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HP UFT 11.5 New features

Below are new features in HP QTP 11.5 or HP UFT  11.5

About HP UFT 11.5
HP QTP 11.5 or HP Unified Functional Testing 11.5 - It is combination of QTP (Quick Test Professional) and Service Test (ST) Tools. Using this tool we can automate GUI, API and Mobile applications functionality. Create solution for all application functional tests.

HP UFT 11.5 New Features :-

1.     Updated IDE :-
a.       HP UFT IDE (Integrated Development Environment) supports to work on multiple tests at the same time
b.      HP Unified Functional Testing IDE  supports for editing more than one action at the same time
c.       HP QTP 11.5 IDE has improved statement completion, improved dynamic lists of values, code folding and code snippets.
2.       Image based objects / controls identification (Insight Recording for GUI test)
a.       Insight Recording identify the object based on images like just as a human being   would
b.      Image-based testing feature can allow us to test applications on non-windows operating system.
3.       Enhanced support for GUI Testing Environment
a.       Browsers :-
 HP UFT 11.5 Recording feature supports for
                             i.      Internet Explorer 9
                            ii.      Mozilla Firefox Versions 4 to Versions 10
       HP UFT 11.5 Play back supports for
                             i.       Internet Explorer 9
                            ii.       Mozilla Firefox Versions 4 to Versions 10
                           iii.       Google Chrome  
b.      64-bit :-
                            i.      Internet Explorer
                           ii.      GUI Test support Add-ins
1.       Standard
2.       Java
3.       .NET
4.       WPF
C. New and Improved support for
                i.   Delphi
                ii.  Oracle 11g, PeopleSoft 8.5 and Siebel
                                iii.  SAP CRM 7.0 and SAP GUI 7.2
                                iv.  Office (MSAA)

4.       New and Improved Check points
a. File Content checkpoint and File Content Output value:         Checks the text in dynamically or accessed PDF file content
b. Bitmap Checkpoint Enhancement :-
                          i. Supports for including or excluding multiple areas within a bitmap
                         ii. Supports for locating a bitmap area anywhere within the runtime bitmap.
                        iii. Select External bitmap file  as the bitmap source
5.       Supports for Mobile applications testing      
a.       Install Perfecto Mobile QTP Add-in (UFT Mobile) and automate Mobile applications. Get the more details from below link
                 About UFT Mobile Add-in